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Crucenia Thermen

Direct, free access for all the hotel guests.
These modern thermal baths offer health and enjoyment for all ages.
Parkhotel Kurhaus guests can easily access to Crucenia Thermen, comfortably wearing their bathrobe. 

Three indoor and outdoor pool with 33°C brine, rich in salt and minerals with a mild salt concentration (about 15%) and a freshwater pool. You can improve your fitness and revitalise, taking part Aqua gym courses water aerobics will tone up also your muscles and help relaxing. Salt water baths moreover boost your circulation and strengthen the immune system.

The Salt Grotto inside the Crucenia Thermen was built using 12 thousand bricks of pure Dead Sea salt. Its warm dry ionized air contains 21 minerals and is a natural therapy for those suffering from lung, bronchial, heart diseases. Minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, selenium, iodine have positive effect also against high blood pressure, allergies and help reducing stress.